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Welcome to your ADA Compliance Quiz!  

You may use any notes you have.  Log in to this site and open up page builder to take the quiz.  Remember to Publish when you've completed the quiz. 

Follow the Instructions:

1. The first title section of each page should have an H1 tag. Apply Heading 1 (H1) to the title in the first text box to the left.  Afterall, it is the first and most important heading. Font size of 36pt might look nice.

2. Some of the white text might be tough to see against this image, especially for a visually-impaired person.  Apply an overlay effect of a .7 black tint to the image background. Some images will not need as strong a tint for the text to be seen, but we've generally seen that applying up to a .7 or .8 tint to the background image will be more than sufficient.

Gucci Pucci Wine Company

Annie recently purchased the Gucci Pucci Wine Company.  Her first order of business is to make their website ADA-compliant.

What are three benefits of making Gucci Pucci's website ADA-compliant?  Add a text box below this one and insert your answers.  Use paragraph format; no Heading fonts. 

Three benefits of having a website that's ADA-compliant is that it is accommodating to individuals with disabilities, it gives business owners a chance to gain a new market of customers and retain them, and it helps business owners avoid legal issues by not abiding by WCAG guidelines.

Painting of red wine and two glasses on counter

Contrast Ratios

Take a look at the three text boxes below. Use Photoshop or a browser color picker along with the contrast ratio site to check the ratios. You may also pull the colors from inside each respective text box. 
Place your answers below.  State Yes or No for their ADA compliance and the ratios for each in the Answer Box.


Answer Box:  A. Professor Gonzo: 8.57:1 contrast ratio, yes B. Schrute Farm: 1.77:1 contrast ratio, no C. Top Daddy: 1.97:1 contrast ratio, no

A. Professor Gonzo

B. Schrute Farm

C. Top Daddy

The Stranger Things Trail

This eleven mile trail is sure to get you turned upside down.  Follow your tourguide, Alexis.  She is the only one equipped to lead you safely through the forest. Remember to stay in contact on your walkies at all times!

Christians Sunset Hiking

It can be difficult to lug a laptop out to the wilderness.  Everyone brings their mobile phone these days, especially now that Christian has equipped a few dozen roaming chipmunks with WiFi hotspots.  People love to know the history of the trails they are walking.  On the Christian's Sunset Hiking website, each trail has a description. These two don't look so hot on desktop and certainly will not look good on mobile either. The H1 tag was used for the descriptions. Gigantic letters. Hard on the eyes. Will be too much scrolling on mobile. Change each description to paragraph (16pt font size with 24 line height for 1.5 spacing) for readability and so the page doesn't potentially get marked as spam!

Trail of The Blair Witch

No one has seen the Witch and made it out to tell the tale. Shakey camcorders are highly recommended for this trail that will definitely find you a little scared, but even moreso confused.

Restauranteurs Restaurant Tours

On Labor Day weekend, the Restauranteurs' Restaurant Tours speedboat will be back in action exploring The Great South Bay. Seven dockside restaurants are on the agenda.  Two of these restaurants have vegetarian-only cuisine. Oh snap!  Which of the two options below would be an ADA-Compliant way to indicate vegetarian restaurants on their website so patrons are made aware?  In the Answer Box below, indicate your answer by typing A or B and explaining why.

Answer Box: A is the correct way to indicate a vegetarian restaurant and be ADA-compliant. This is because it marks the vegetarian items with an asterick, which can be read by a screen-reader. If somebody with a visual impairment tried to read B, they may not be able to differentiate the color difference without astericks.

Speedboat moving on the water


Restaurants marked with * are vegetarian.

Steven's Ham & Bacon Emporium

Vinny's Gyro Depot

Just a Salad *

Mad Chill Empanadas

Grass Clippings & Bark *

Leanne's Burger Shack

Adria's Chocolate Shoppe on 23rd


Restaurants in red are vegetarian.

Steven's Ham & Bacon Emporium

Vinny's Gyro Depot

Just a Salad

Mad Chill Empanadas

Grass Clippings & Bark

Leanne's Burger Shack

Adria's Chocolate Shoppe on 23rd

Underlining & Links

The restaurant below utilizes a third party for online ordering. Link their online ordering appropriately in the paragraph below. Keep in mind how a screen reader would call out what is underlined/linked.
Use this link below for their Online Ordering:

Use This Link

The secret to our success is providing fresh food at reasonable prices, baby!  You will enjoy our comfortable setting, which is perfect for friends and family.  We're open late, so dine in with us or pick something up.  We also offer delivery.  Be sure to order online.

Heading Tags

Appropriate use of H-Tags will make a page more searchable for everyone and also more navigable for those using a screen reader.  Navigation hierarchy is crucial for an impaired person. Update all applicable sections below with the appropriate use of Heading tags.  Catering Packages is the first section on the page.

Catering Packages

Shotgun Wedding


Goose with Wild Rice Dressing

Pulled Stork

Paul's Turkey Chili

Chicken a la Carly


Michael's Famous Grilled Burger

Wasabi Skirt Steak

Brisket on a Biscuit

Corynne's Osso Buco


Spitfire Salmon

Sheralee's Famous Lobster Roll

Octopus in a Dryer

Cortland Catfish

Sweet 16


Hot Dogs

Sliced Ham

Microwaved Bacon Plate


New England Yam Chowder

Chocolate Pumpkin Bisque

Meghan's Triceratops Gumbo


Italian Ice

Lindsey's Cannoli Cake

Paul's Homemade Cookies from Shop Rite

More Heading Tags

Update all applicable sections below with the appropriate use of Heading tags.

About Us

History of Doug & Jimmy's Wings

How Doug Got Started

Doug received his degree in culinary arts from Johnson & Johnson University. His passion for food along with his love of motorcycles inspired him to be world's first motorcycle chef.  After five arduous years on the road performing "Harleys and Hot Dogs", Doug returned home to Long Island to pursue a more conventional career in the food industry.  Coming across an ad in the local paper for a "wing man", Doug called the number immediately. He was eager to help anyone in need of help on a date.  However, this was not what the offer was for.  

How Jimmy Got Started

Jimmy was hatched and raised on his family's chicken farm in Huntington, NY.  It was expected of him that he continue the family tradition of raising chickens but he did not want to put all his eggs in one basket.  Jimmy earned a dual-sport scholarship to Syracuse University where he excelled as a hard-nosed basketball point guard and crafty starting pitcher.  He was projected to be an early draft pick in both sports but after touching the world's hottest pepper on a dare, he burned his fingertips off.  This ruined his jumpshot and rendered his curveball ineffective.  Jimmy went back to the family farm. However, still itching to spread his wings, Jimmy aspired to open a chicken restaurant and placed an ad in the local paper looking for a business partner. After a bit of confusion, Doug and Jimmy agreed on a partnership.

Our Pledge

Commitment to Crushin' It

We are committed to promoting and sustaining mad chill relationships with our patrons and community; striving to prepare top-notch chicken wings at reasonable prices.  We will crush all competitors, leaving them in a wake of fear and 13 custom wing flavors. Good night.

Alternative Text

The image below has no alt text.  A screen reader will not be able to successfully read out what the image is for an impaired user.  Insert appropriate alt text in the image description to adequately describe the image.

Two hot dogs in buns with chili and mustard on top
A pile of wings on a plate with celery next to a glass of beer
steak on a grill over fire

A Mock Website Has Been Created Below

Please go through and correct all errors including Heading tags, Contrast Ratios, and links.

Fresh Food, Amazing Prices

Voted the #1 restaurant three years in a row!

About Us

Funky Art Cafe will be your favorite place to lunch in Brenham. The restaurant is just like its name, a bit funky in ambiance while serving artfully prepared food. Snuggled in the back of a historic building in downtown Brenham, our place has a feeling all its own. Small dining room that seats about 50, with a giant Christmas tree that is displayed year round and decorated according to the season. Our purple wall displays some of our favorite funky art pieces! Enjoy our menu that changes every 6 months. We also offer catering with anything from sandwiches for a picnic or office party to a full blown sit down affair. Every day offers a different daily special. Soup is made fresh every day, as is the special of the day & the side of the day. And you can always find at least two desserts offered each day and, of course...all homemade!

three chicken tacos with chicken, lettuce, and onion inside on a plate next to two cups of red salsa and salsa verde
A cutting block with slices of meat on it


Funky Art Cafe will be your favorite place to lunch in Brenham. The restaurant is just like its name, a bit funky in ambiance while serving artfully prepared food. Snuggled in the back of a historic building in downtown Brenham, our place has a feeling all its own. 

"Went here with my wife during our honeymoon. I had the Pesto Shrimp, which was good. It had more of a garlic and olive oil taste than basil, but it was still really good, and the shrimp were cooked perfectly. My wife had the sesame tuna cooked rare and it was likely the best tuna steak either of us have ever had."

- Facebook Review

a plate with a sausage, baked beans, and rice


A chef cutting a steak with a steak knife


3 pots of food, one with curry, the other with chicken, and the third with bread


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140 Wilbur Place
Bohemia, NY 11716
Tel: (631) 271-3470
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