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About Cabo Fresh

CaboFresh is a fast casual, California inspired Mexican grill. We believe in real food that is fresh, flavorful, and fast. Eating well should be easy, accessible, and affordable. We believe in cooking from scratch using whole, fresh ingredients every day. We believe in connecting our team, our suppliers, our customers, and our community for the good of all. We source and accept only the best ingredients possible and ensure that our food is as good as humanly possible as we balance speed of service and excellence of presentation. We are proud to serve certified "NAE" poultry. Our restaurants are Gluten-free friendly and we accommodate people with special dietary requests. We are an eco-friendly restaurant using sustainable, biodegradable, and compostable products. 

Chopped jalapenos

We use products made with eco-friendly sugarcane pulp and cornstarch plastic. We are reducing energy consumption by using LED lighting, and ultra efficient equipment. Reducing water pollution, air pollution, and waste going to landfills and incinerators allows us to have less impact on global warming.

We are serious about sustainability. It is better for the food, better for you, better for us and better for the planet, and we are always looking for ways to do even better. We recycle our cooking oils, bottles and cans. Our cleaning products are non-toxic, and made from biodegradable plant and mineral based ingredients. The materials used to construct our restaurants and fabricate our furniture are made from mostly reclaimed and sustainable products.


Vegan / Vegetarian

Everything we offer is vegan except our meats, cheese, sour cream and chipotle ranch dressing. Our house made roasted corn salsa is made with Organic Blue Agave, not honey.

Salt shaker


We only use only 100% pure Kosher salt

Chicken and Steak

Chicken and Steak

Our chicken is raised cage-free on family farms, they receive an all vegetarian diet with no animal by-products and is certified "NAE" no antibiotics ever. NO hormones OR steroids. The "Farm To Fork" program ensures traceability through every aspect of production and processing. Our beef is USDA choice or better.


There are zero nuts in anything at Cabo Fresh. And none of our items come from factories that prepare nuts.

Gluten free


Only our churros, Whole wheat and flour tortillas (for burritos, soft tacos and quesadillas) contain gluten. Everything else is gluten free. Crispy Tacos and Nachos are a great gluten free choices.

GMO Free


There are no GMOs in our tortillas or brown and basmatti rice. Our corn chips however do contain GMO corn (90% of the US corn crop is GMO).

Beef Barbacoa and Pork Carnitas

Slow cooked for hours, our beef and pork contain no allergens.



We use organic produce whenever possible, We also use Organic Blue Agave in our marinade and corn salsa.

Tortilla chips


Our corn tortillas chips and taco shells are made fresh thruout the day and are fried in 100% Canola oil. We do not fry anything else in that oil, for that reason we do not make fried flour tortilla bowls for our salads.

Dairy free


There is zero dairy in anything we sell except our cheese, our sour cream, nacho cheese sauce and our house made chipotle ranch dressing. Our cheese is a Monterey Jack and white cheddar blend.



Our tuna is wild caught, sushi grade.


We use 100% Canola Oil for our house made marinade, and to prepare our rice and fajita veggies.